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Bromyard Road Methodist Church Choir

If you feel like having a good sing in sincere friendship:-

then come along at 7:30pm on Friday night and join in the fun.

For further information:-

The congregation at Bromyard Road Church has a reputation for enthusiastic, even lusty, singing. We members of the choir like to think that some of this enthusiasm emanates from our ranks.

When we’re all present, we number about sixteen and have a working balance of sopranos, altos, tenors and bass. The majority of us are of retirement age and tend to belong to the “old school” of four-part harmony singing and are especially happy when we can lead the congregation in traditional hymns - our favourite is “Cwm Rhondda”. However there is some good, modern church music on the market these days and we often find our feet tapping when we try it.

When we have sufficient numbers in church we sometimes like to sing an introit and even an anthem.

We are a caring bunch of friends and our Friday night practice is a happy occasion; it has been called the highlight of the week.

We are always on the lookout for new members and would especially welcome young people. Whatever your age, if you feel like having a good sing in sincere fellowship, then come along at 7.30 on Friday night and join in the fun.