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Minister's Letter

Minister's Monthly Letter - July/August

Where Have the Years Gone!

Dear friends,

After thirteen years here in Worcester the time has come for me to ‘Sit Down’. (Methodist terminology for Retirement!) I will be finishing here in Worcester towards the end of July but will be moving to our home in Wiltshire on Monday 9th July which is not far from Royal Wootton Bassett!

My time in Worcester has been life changing as I have ministered into the Circuit but more especially my time spent at Bromyard Road and Ombersley Road. I have come to know brothers and sisters who are indeed ‘saints’ and what a privilege it has been to travel alongside many through the good times and times of great tribulation. In thirteen years I’ve watched children grow up. I’ve baptized, performed marriages, performed too many funerals. I’ve visited hospitals, care homes and hospices. Together, we realized a few dreams, lived through a few trials, and persevered. I have indeed grown in my faith and become more ‘rounded’ in my theological views, many of the ‘rough edges’ have been knocked off and I feel much more able now to serve the Lord as a minister than I did when I started!

Coming here to Worcester in 2005 was a real leap of Faith, I was very wet behind the ears and had much to learn and yet with your help and support and the anointing of God I found the where with all to become more than I was, spiritually speaking! I believe that God calls us all out of our comfort zones, to take leaps of faith and as we do we find that we grow as we are forced to lean more and more on our Saviour.

Peter in Matthew 14 verse 29 took a leap of faith as he stepped out of the boat and on to the water, but as soon as he took his eyes of Jesus the raging storm gave him a reality check and he started to sink into the deep. He cried out for help and his Saviour reached out and together they climbed into the boat. Friends, our Lord calls us all to step out of our comfort zones, the security of the boat, and learn to trust Him no matter what! As we learn to live trusting in Jesus more and more we grow in our faith and love of the Lord Jesus Christ and can accomplish more than we could ever imagine or think.

Anne and I have enjoyed our time here in Worcester and feel very much part of the church family and it is going to be very hard to adapt to life without you but We believe The Lord will enable and keep us as we move on into the next chapter of our lives.

We will miss you all so much but be assured; you haven't seen the last of us! We will be making regular visits back to Rachel and Doug’s at least once a fortnight, so you never know, we might see you sooner than you think!

Every Blessing and may God bless You real Good!